Realization Hits

How long until your realization hits?

I am THE go to Publicist when you are ready to up your promotions and take your publicity to the next badass level.
I will help you determine the media best suited to share your story.
Together we will develop a pitch that will be creative, informative and knock the pants off reporters.
You will learn the best times to speak with reporters (not just emailing them).
Interviewing will become second nature to you. (So much you will do it in your sleep).
You will understand when Publicity is most useful and not waste time, money and resources simply sending releases.
Most importantly you are investing in your business and freeing your time to focus attention where you are needed.
When you are ready for a badass Publicist, a badass PR campaign, I am here.
Book your complimentary 1-hour session below! (wine may be included if you have some in your pantry 😊 otherwise we can chat while drinking coffee 😊 )
You read numerous blogs, tips, and recommendations on how one should start their day. You read Ariana Huffington’s book Thrive and swear you are going to listen to her words you carefully absorbed so that you don’t end up smacking your head against a desk from pure exhaustion. You time block and time chunk and whatever the hell else they call it so that you are making sure you are spending your time wisely. Then on a Wednesday, at 7:45 in the morning when you are feeling sparks of creativity hit because a post on a group you are a part of gets your gears going, you realize……. what the fuck what was I doing?


 I woke up today and realized all that information was valuable, but in pieces. I am a Publicist and by no means do we work a regular 9 to 5 job. ESPECIALLY with a flipping toddler (who is freaking adorable yes call me biased I don’t care) clamoring at your leg!
Why did it take me so long to figure this out? Does it matter? Should we take the time to analyze the mindset of a woman, especially this one? Hell no. But the fact that it finally hit me is what’s important. So yeah I may work until I’m exhausted, but I know to listen to my body for that exhaustion before I collapse and grab my phone to play Gordon Ramsey’s chef game while my little diva rests her head against my body.
The truth is while I’m doing that my mind will still be working out ideas and pitches and that’s ok because my game has a pause feature.
Go out and smell the opportunities! Meet someone today you never know where a new pitch will come up.


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