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This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are wondering what other areas I can help you with, contact me for a custom quote. I would love to help in any way I can!


If you can’t tell by now, yeah,

I’m pretty unorthodox.

 But that is what makes me great at my job.  I’m Lety Juarez-Sisson. And when they say to stay away from the crazies it’s because we are the most creative, most daring and the most willing to take risks. I will do the same when promoting you!

Here’s a few of the services I offer:



The story is in the details………

Choosing to incorporate Public Relations as part of your promotional plan will take your marketing to a whole other level. Each area of promotions (Advertising, Marketing, Social Media) only allows you to share snippets of your efforts. That’s great if that is the campaign you are aiming for. Public Relations connects you to your target demographic and so much more! You’re allowing your community to learn about you and your efforts and most importantly your story (yeah I know I repeated myself there but that is how important it is!)  Look at it as if you’re opening the door and saying welcome to my living room, let’s sit and talk and have a drink. Plus let’s face it, somewhere down the line a doozy will happen and who do YOU want to be there helping to ensure the media receives the correct information? This bad ass right here.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, hi5, Instagram, blah blah blah (yes I said blah). The list goes on and before you know it, between the local and international Social Media networking sites, you feel like your talking in a Dr. Seuss book! How do you manage choosing the right platforms, creating content, timing the posts, deciding on which tags to utilize, how many should you utilize (5 by the way, any more and the tag police will come and get you.) and most importantly who the heck to pass off this load of work! Well, let’s take care of that last question now…. hand it off to me! Together we will brainstorm a social media plan to fit your needs and ensure your reach is not only organic but beneficial to those who follow you. You only have a short amount of time on those news feeds, let’s make them count!

So you bombed your interview. It was only the most important interview with the only major news team who showed any interest in your story. How can you redeem yourself? Media Coaching. It’s not the time to think of the mistakes made, but to take them and educate yourself on how to make the next interview better. Take the first step in learning how to build your confidence and interview skills to show the media you ARE the expert in your field. This is also good for businesses and organizations with employees to ensure they are prepared for any potential media opportunities.

What People Are Saying

Dwayne, CEO & Daddy, Reading Heart

I never understood the power of having a Publicist until our first event. Now I know that I would never do anything without Artistic Communications. The media turnout was amazing!

Sheri Rogers, Buckle Up for Bobby

As a new non-profit, we were unsure how to make the right connections to let people know we existed.  Lety set up press releases, made arrangements to have news coverage at an event, and helped get us a spot on a noon business news broadcast.  She is wellconnected and was a joy to work with!

AJ Rassamni, Owner, Great American Car Wash

For the past five years, Leticia with Artistic Communications has brought added value to Great American Car Wash through her publicity efforts. I have, in the past, used various methods of marketing coupons, ads, and flyers. But, I was seeking  a way to build a stronger relationship with my community and it was her hard word and unique ideas that helped us achieve that goal. I would highly recommend Artistic Communications for your promotional needs.

You’re in the right place.